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Workshop Facilitator -- Squeeze Your Stories

Speaker -- The power of story

Storyteller -- personal stories, folk tales

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Our live workshops and speaking engagements are currently on hold due to COVID-19. 

Recently, I have applied a new definition of BRAND to my situation, with the result that I’ve adjusted my perspective and have a new perception of who I am and what is next on this journey. This new perception has shown me the phrase “wisdom of experience.” After all, it is this wisdom of experience that brought about the concept of Squeeze Your Stories and meshes nicely with my program of the same name. The process of “squeezing” gently guides you through the stories of your life, helping you apply the wisdom of your experience to the building of your legacy. The process is applicable to both individuals and corporate leaders. Legacy, whether it be money or character, can be closely aligned with either short or long-term goals.

As time goes along, I will be sharing related information on this page and in my blog, My Educated Guess. I will provide links to my social media pages and to those of others who have ideas to share that may prove helpful to you.

For now, I ask for your patience. I’ve invested a lot of time in this process, listened to a lot of knowledgeable well-meaning people, and gone down a lot of rabbit holes. This new perspective is exciting and I’m anxious to share with you. Let’s grow together in this venture.

 About Your Squeeze Your Stories facilitator:

 Long ago, Pete Vanderpool's role as Santa Claus led him into the storytelling genre. He has       practiced and taught the art beyond traditional venues, applying it to teaching, child safety, at-risk   youth, Alzheimer's/Dementia patients, and grief camps for elementary school kids.

 Events in the course of his own life led Pete to see the need to focus not only on the storytelling,   but also on encouraging others to recognize and find relevance in their life stories. He and Wendy   Brown co-authored Equipped to Bless: Finding Relevance in the Stories of Your Life, and collaborated   on the Squeeze Your Stories workshops.

 A good speaker is also a good storyteller. This storyteller is also a good facilitator. Whether you   are looking for a speaker for an event, or are interested in participating in or sponsoring a   workshop, Pete is ready to be of assistance. Just contact him.

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