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The Soap Chip

02/03/2021 12:43 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

Our bathroom shower is the common variety – beige fiberglass. The sliding glass doors are hung from an aluminum bar about six feet off the floor. I bang my head on it periodically.

Once recently, I was washing with a bar of soap which had about come to its end. A little piece about one inch square broke off and was headed for the drain. I picked it up and put it atop the aluminum track to throw out when I was done. I forgot it.

Next shower, I forgot it again. And the next, and the next. It got to be funny after a while. I’d see it and smile. Then snicker a bit. After a couple weeks, I’d almost adopted the thing as a friend.

Why don’t we treat our mistakes like that. Be it forgetfulness or just plain stupidity, why can’t we laugh at our mistakes. We tend to criticize ourselves, more so as we grow older. We label the events as some physical or mental disease, and beat ourselves up while waiting for the next scenario.

How much healthier it would be if we could just observe and laugh. As long as there’s no malice involved in the action that caused the mistake, we don’t have to re-live the moment for ever. Laughing at one’s self is healthy. The most successful comedians know this well.

So at least chuckle! People will wonder what you see that they don’t! And they will ask.

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