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Soap Chip Story #2

02/10/2021 3:23 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

After my wife found out about my soap chip, she got into the game. On morning I stepped from the shower and noticed the chip was gone! All of a sudden, I felt something missing from my morning routine! I didn’t have my little friend the soap chip to start my day with smiles and snickers.

While cleaning the shower, she had gotten mischievous and moved it to the other end of the bar. As I hung up my towel, I spied it there, all dry and lonely. Now it became enjoyable for both me and my wife. That little chip moved as much as the Elf On The Shelf!

Sharing in little things like this “game” helps keep relationships fresh and exciting. Being playful and laughing together can strengthen relationships both within the home and the workplace. Laughter adds an element of comfort and joy. Humor can and should be, a part of daily life. As you incorporate humor into your life, you will find you are more creative, more relaxed, and even more energized. You will be better prepared to face the day – or the situation – or the big decision – or just life in general.

So, as we approach Valentines Day, remember that creating some laughter today is at least as good as a card which doesn’t quite say what you feel, or a gift that doesn’t quite come up to the recipient’s expectations. Put them both together, and you will have created a gift that lasts. Laughter is emotional, and memories are retained because of emotion.

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