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Too Many Choices

02/18/2021 10:51 AM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

Have you heard the saying, “Too many teachers create confusion by constantly changing the students’ focus”?

Here’s an example: If you have been thinking about starting an online business, you’ll know what I mean. Each entrepreneurial guru has a way for you to make money. They tell you they have made millions themselves, and you assume, if they can, you can. And maybe that’s true. But then you run into affiliates. They show up in your email with more and different programs. If you’re like me, you just gotta check them out, so you listen to another series of webinars and your focus is shot.

If you are a golfer, you’re familiar with this. Every few days, on every green, the hole moves. It spreads out the wear on the green, and offers a new challenge to the players.

Even grocery shopping is a challenge. The sugar used to reside with baking supplies. But this week it’s on an endcap with a recipe for glazed pork roast.

Are there too many choices? Too many challenges? Some days that would seem to be true. But it has also been said that variety is the spice of life. At this time, there is much chaos parading as spice, right down main street. We need to choose which float we want to ride on, and ride it to the end of the parade route, or until it breaks down.

Sometimes a choice is nice!

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