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Focusing on the task at hand

02/25/2021 9:35 AM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

If you’re a golfer, you know they water greens randomly. At our course, you can see the 15th green while teeing up on the 12th tee. Seeing the water shoot high and wide can be disconcerting, to the point of blowing your concentration on the hole ahead. You might worry that you’re going to get your feet wet. You might worry that the ball is going to be slow when you putt over there. Or you might look forward to the challenge so much that you lose focus on the next three holes before you get there.

In many ways, we are blessed in NOT knowing what lies ahead. We have reason to expect that when we reach the next hole, project or station in life, we will be prepared to handle the task presented there. But if we knew the exact circumstances, we might be fearful of them. Or we might concentrate our thoughts on some particular upcoming event and lose sight of the present goings on.

There’s an ad showing an older couple getting together with their insurance agent. The conversation starts with the agent asking, “Need to make some changes”? Each person seems happy to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the circumstances.

I like that ad. It shows people happy to adjust to life. They have changed before and seem to expect to change again. They are enjoying life as it comes, moment by moment. How beautiful that is! Focus on what’s before you now. It really is a “present”!

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