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March Winds

03/03/2021 4:06 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

March brings warm winds which hasten the melting of snow, the thawing of frozen lakes and ponds, the drying of wet farmland. Those same winds bring kids outside with kites. It all depends on where you live.

Sometimes March winds bring surprises. I remember 15 inches of a heavy wet snow just as we listed our house for sale. The trees had started to sprout leaves which contributed to the collection of the sticking snow, thus the snapping and breaking of large tree limbs. We filled a 100-foot-long ditch along the street with them. Twice! The house sold in spite of the change in landscape.

March morphs transition into expectation. We look excitedly for jonquils, lilacs, green grass, blossoming trees and warm weather. March usually encompasses Lent, a time when Christians look forward to a retelling of the Easter story. March provides a switch from anticipation to fulfillment, from acceptance to a new outlook, from “I’m tired of Winter!” to “It’s planting time! Where’s that Burpee catalog?”

To those who normally resist change, here’s one that happens anyway and is as gentle as can be. Maybe it will have some influence on the pandemic. Hope springs eternal!

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