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Easter Thoughts

03/31/2021 2:56 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

Where did that year go? Last Easter we were beginning to feel the pinches of the pandemic. Here we are, a year later, tired of being pinched!

Easter for us Christians is a tribute to a very special man, a lesson in Love, a promise of everlasting life, and the joy of resurrection.  We celebrate the time between Friday and Sunday in different ways. But Sunday is pretty generally celebrated in a common way, greeted by the words “He is risen!”

This year those words shed a light on our situation. We are rising from the depths of the pandemic into a feeling of hope and joy for our relationships which are coming back to life as hugs, conversations, and just plain togetherness. It is said that we are wired for relationships and are also storytellers. Our chance to do all that is showing up again.

Let us recognize the change as it comes forth. Let us rejoice in it. Let us share it freely.

Happy Easter to all, whether you’re Christian or not. Joy doesn’t know any boundaries!

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