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Logo, Color Scheme, and Brand

04/07/2021 3:52 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

My co-author, Wendy Brown, introduced me to Shala Graham, who has an interesting definition of brand: “It’s not your logo or your color scheme, it’s the values that underlie your reputation”.

I love it! Let me give you a true example of why I love it and why I know it is worthy of serious consideration. I was insured by a well-known insurance company for many years. The agent of record was out of touch because of several moves on my part. One day I received a letter stating the policy had been cancelled. I had “aged out”. No options offered prior to “aging out”. None offered in the letter of cancellation. Just the facts without concern.

Now days, I periodically receive mail from said insurance company. Their logo is proudly displayed on the return address on the face of the envelop. Guess what? I have no interest in doing business with them. The values that underlie their reputation have been shown to me in spades! So, I place the unopened letter directly in the trash. Why would I want to purchase a policy from them knowing it could be cancelled by some clause somewhere in the fine print, probably without my knowledge and at a time when I could best use the benefits I thought I had purchased.

If a logo or a color scheme isn’t backed up with compassion or at least a concern for the end user, it becomes just a logo or a color scheme with a poor reputation attached.

Next week I’m going to tackle the three deaths. They apply to this discourse. See you then.

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