Pete Vanderpool presents

My Shopping Rant

06/25/2020 12:06 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

I hate to go shopping. I used to like to go shopping, especially book stores, hardware stores, old fashioned general stores, and grocery stores.  But now I dread the word “shopping”.

Why? Because shopping makes me mad. In this pandemic, we’ve been asked to wear masks. I was in a local hardware store last week, and I was the only customer in the busy store wearing a mask. My wearing a mask protects you more than it protects me.

My wife asked a young lady in line behind her at the grocery store why she wasn’t wearing one. She replied that she didn’t like them and wasn’t going to wear one, which only tells me she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I watched a grandpa holding hands with his grandson of probably four, both entering Lowe’s without masks. Young people are seldom seen wearing them, and then they suddenly contract the COVID-19 and say, “I guess I should have worn a mask”. How many people have they shared the disease with, especially elderly family members?

My friends in healthcare, including doctors and nurses, all comment on the independent stand of not wearing a mask. Wearing one is the simplest thing a person can do to protect themselves and their families. My favorite line of the day about non-mask wearers is from an emergency room nurse, “You better hope I never see you in the ER!”

Maybe this will all go away and I will look forward to shopping again, but in the meantime, I guess I’ll have to learn to live with the current normal. I’ll look forward to seeing you smile behind your mask. I can tell, you know. Your eyes sparkle and you squint more!

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