Pete Vanderpool presents

Thoughts on Uniqueness

11/18/2020 4:29 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

My guess is that you think about it more often than you might guess. When you find yourself in strange circumstances, you wonder what you might do to help or how you might fit into some new situation. You naturally gut-check your uniqueness, looking for help making a quick response. You decide to try it or duck it. Later, you may revisit the facts and change your mind, but all the while, you challenge your uniqueness for more help.

There’s power in your stories, your experiences. Many times, a person who shares their problem in great detail already knows the answer. Even if you reply with an appropriate solution for them, you may not get their agreement because they are enjoying telling the story in great detail over and over again.

I’m Pete Vanderpool and that’s An Educated Guess!

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