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The Mystery of Enough

12/03/2020 6:34 AM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

Have you ever noticed that when you think the toothpaste tube is empty, there are as many as ten squirts left? Or when you think the bathroom spray is empty, you can get another couple weeks-worth of effective deodorizing?

I was made aware of this fact again this morning. I needed a spritz of sweet-smelling deodorizer, remembered that I had forgotten to buy a new can of it, but pulled back the handle anyway, and discovered that there was plenty left to do a very effective job.

Then my mind wandered off considering how many times we humans act like that spray can. When the job is stressful, or when a relationship is becoming a train wreck, or when an everyday routine is upset by a calamity – there's always a supply of energy sufficient for the next hour, and the next one, and the next. There's something inside us that supports us through for another round of distress, even when we think our tank is empty. The editor of our subdivision newsletter once wrote an article with a reference to those who thought the E on the gas gauge really meant Enough. We just don’t have a gas gauge, at least one we can glance at on the way to the next event.

And that is what faith is all about, but that’s for another day and another post!

I’m Pete Vanderpool, and that’s my educated guess.

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