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Have you ever thought of yourself as an avatar?

12/17/2020 8:03 AM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

Have you ever thought of yourself as an avatar? You are one, you know! Every business, non-profit, church, and organization is constantly looking for their perfect customer, client or member. In today’s world, that’s known as an avatar.

If you’re on the internet, programs are in place to track your likes, dislikes, habits, friends, and more. It’s not all bad. It makes searches more accurate, answers to questions more applicable. You just need to be aware and use caution along with common sense.

Don’t assume that once you have become the avatar for some entity that it’s over and done with. As you age, your description changes, so your collected facts file changes. What interests you at twenty-four is different than age thirty-four, or forty-four, or fifty-four.

For instance, at twenty-four you’re probably interested in a job that pays well. At thirty-four you already have a job and are interested in improving your current job situation or getting a new job to better serve your personal goals. Forty-four is mid-life crisis. Fifty-four is last job selection. You get the idea. You are a normal person going through the seasons of life. You have different needs, interests, goals at points along the way,

But do you realize that many answers to your questions lie within your own stories which are accumulating along the way. You are unique. Nobody else in the whole world has the experience and knowledge you have. By periodically looking back over your stories, it is possible to eliminate some ideas you hold dear and to deep-dive into some circumstances which are easily overlooked without a change of perspective. New concepts come into focus.

This process is what Squeeze Your Stories is all about.

Please comment on this blog so that I can better address these ideas in future blog posts. Other people may benefit from your sharing.

Did I mention that we are all connected?

I’m Pete Vanderpool and that’s my educated guess.

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