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We're all connected - I'll bet you knew that!

01/14/2021 9:07 AM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

Recent circumstances keep rubbing our noses in it. But have you noticed the connections are different, stronger perhaps, more interesting maybe? And when we actually get to meet mask to mask, we have so much to share that normally dull conversational topics become animated good times!

Conversations are less about criticism and more about ways survival has led us into new ways to do old things. I recently read about a person in a big city who wanted to eat out for a change and walked to a nearby restaurant, only to discover it had closed permanently.

Walking further along, her second choice was doing a booming business in take-out. She learned from the owner that she had been thinking about adding take-out to her business, and jumped on the opportunity to do so. A difference in perspective for sure, but her customers appreciated her change and found their favorite foods still available. They were all still connected. And later, when the owner could open for sit-down dining, she could continue to make take-out a viable option.

I'm Pete Vanderpool and that's My Educated Guess.

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