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What if you knew then what you know now?

01/22/2021 3:13 PM | Pete Vanderpool (Administrator)

What if you knew ten years ago that this pandemic was coming and that it would last this long? Important to your answer to the question would be the amount of detail you got with your foreknowledge. Facts like homeschooling, job losses, social distancing, separation from family and friends would certainly have been helpful. Would you have done anything different? Or would you just have worried for ten years?

What if you only had a one-year foreknowledge? Much less time to worry – a blessing perhaps. Also, less time to prepare. Not so big a blessing!

Probably the first thing to do would be to stockpile toilet paper. Then probably a serious savings/investment program. If your information included those little details, maybe you would have spent more time with family. You might even have collected family history from the senior members. You might have investigated what is involved in homeschooling and provided a “school space” for the kids.

So here we are today. Programs like Zoom have provided a way for us to meet as friends, businesses, and churches. People who knew how to sew started making masks. Social distancing was defined.

Question is, what have you learned which ultimately makes you a smarter, more valuable person? You most likely are a different person now than when this all started. You learned how to sanitize stuff. You learned, or relearned, how to cook. You learned how to use Zoom to advantage. You have grown to be comfortable with working from home. You may be pursuing a new career.

The world is experiencing compassion, support for one another, awareness of our differences with the opportunity to live together in respect not fear, with funny times, and a myriad of emotions like never before. We have no idea what the “new normal” will be. Change is still rampant. It is expected that things won’t settle down for at least a year.

My hope is that we keep listening to each other, talking to each other, and share the good that is present and available.

I'm Pete Vanderpool and that's My Educated Guess.

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